What is the Difference between a Domain Name and Web Hosting?
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Browsing the internet is relatively easy. With a little knowledge in how to use a web browser, anybody can easily work their way to millions of websites. However, if you start becoming interested in creating a website of your own, things can get a bit more complicated. Web development terms like, “domain name” or “web hosting” aren’t exactly the kind of words you hear everyday.

If you’re interested in creating a website of your own, or simply want to an insight on how the web works, here’s a brief introduction to some of the most commonly used terms you’ll encounter.

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What is the Internet?

The internet is simply a collection of computers scattered throughout the world that are connected with one another. The computers share the data they store so any other computer connected to the internet can view or edit that data.

Since there are millions of computers connected to the internet and many of them share data through websites, there must be a way to identify the location of each website. A website is identified through its “domain name”.

Some of the popular domain names are Facebook.com, Google.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, and Twitter.com. If you wanted a website of your own, you will also have to give it a name, like “mywebsite.com”.

Domain names look simple enough, but this is for humans to easily understand and remember. In the computer world, domain names are a bunch of numbers like, which in human terms is Google.com. This is what is called an IP address. No one can easily remember a bunch of IP addresses, so they’ve been converted to “domain names” so we can easily remember them.

Since there are millions of domain names on the internet, there must be an organization that manages all the names to prevent two websites owning the same name. That organization is called a Registrar and when creating your own website, you’ll need to apply your domain name with a registrar so that it can be officially recognized on the internet as a working domain name.

What is Web Hosting?

Websites are located on computers that are specifically designed to be connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These are what we call “servers” and they don’t look at all like the computers we use at home.

Many companies invest in these servers and rent space on them out to other companies, organizations, businesses, or individuals who want to build a website of their own. These companies are called “web hosts”, thus their services are called “web hosting services”.

When you create a website on your computer, you will need to upload a copy of it on the web hosts’ servers for it to be available to the public all year around. Before doing that, you’ll need to enroll in a hosting plan with the web host. The basic web hosting services are:

• Shared Hosting
• Virtual Private Server (VPS)
• Dedicated Server

Shared hosting is when two or more websites are hosted on a single server. Virtual Private Hosting is a bit more complicated. The easiest way to explain it is one physical server that has been “virtually” divided into several “virtual servers”. A virtual server acts like a physical server so it would seem that a web site was being hosted on its own server.

A Dedicated Server is when the site is actually being hosted on its own physical server. Since only a single website will run the server, the cost of this type of hosting service is far more expensive than the other two hosting options.

As mentioned earlier, those are the basic hosting plans. Each hosting plan is normally presented with many different options, as presented by a particular web host. So, there will be different types of shared hosting plans, different types of vps hosting plans, and different types of dedicated server hosting plans. You will get to select a plan that will suit your website.

If you’re wondering, which hosting is the best that will really depend on what you’ll need for your website. However, one of the most popular plans today is the VPS hosting plan since it provides more features than other hosting plans. One of the available VPS hosting plans is Linux VPS hosting.

What is Linux VPS Hosting?

Linux VPS hosting is similar to other VPS hosting plans except that the Operating System (OS) for the virtual server is Linux. Many home computers today use a Windows OS, or a Mac OS. Linux is not popular when it comes to home computers, but when it comes to servers, Linux is one of the top choices.

There are about a million other things to learn if you want to create your own website. You’ll need to learn about different types of software, hardware, programming languages, and website security. Just take your time when learning new things. Start with the basics and build up your knowledge. What’s important is that you create a firm foundation because as you move on, things can get a lot more complicated.

5 Mobile SEO Trends to Watch Out
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mobile seo


It was beginning of the Month March when Google came out with the biggest transformation in the AdWords platform, which was a strong move in the last five years. And it was all about complying AdWords with prevailing scenario of mobile.

In the same light, here are five points summarizing the trends that should be followed to witness the exciting alterations that are taking place in paid mobile search’s realm.

Might Not be Aware – Local Organic Search is Worthy

Complexity in measuring the ROI of mobile search is the reason of recent redesigning of Adwords. Some new tools have been developed to find out the ROI of mobile search. These tools help in aligning search marketing efforts with in-store purchases and call reporting that let advertisers know about the person who made a call, and also a new phone call conversion format.

Since, it is possible to divide organic mobile traffic in Google Analytics, but still you can’t find out the phone calls from the organic search. Though it can be said that your immeasurable organic search are playing a role, you should not get annoyed by the unpleasant mobile stats in your analytics account – as the figures could much more than it seems.

Introducing 5 Ways on How You Can Use Pinterest to Find a Job
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If you think, LinkedIn is the only social network that can help you in landing your dream job and in advancing your career, then you haven’t discovered Pinterest to its full potential. You might be thinking how a photo-sharing site can be of help when it comes to job hunting. Social media users can be quite creative and they can repurpose a social network and use it above and beyond what is was originally intended for. Possible jobs on Pinterest cannot be ignored.

So, if you’re fresh out of school and looking for your first job or currently employed but want to venture into another career, here are five ways on how to get a job with Pinterest or how it can help you land a job prospect.


Tips for Using the Facebook Graph Search to Improve SEO
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There is something new to social media networking known as the Facebook Graph Search. This feature is considered as the newest edition also called the “third pillar”. This is very useful to Facebook users when trying to work with the Timeline and News Feed features according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The Graph Search is responsible in indexing all information which is stored including photos, videos and status updates. The indexed information is then filtered based on how users want them to be shared and with whom they could share those data.

facebook graph search for seo

The biggest advantage of the Facebook Graph Search to businesses is that it could help in increasing your visibility, improve rankings in the search engines and be able to appear in the search pages. Users of the Graph Search should at least be careful with personal details to be revealed because everything is automatically set for public viewing. If you want to know more of what you can get from Graph search, read along the following:

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